The Bikes

BMX race bikes are stiff and rigid, purpose-built to go fast.

The Gear

BMX racing is a fast sport with high impacts meaning the correct gear is essential, YVC sells all of the necessary gear required to participate. The required safety gear to participate at any BMX track in Victoria include a full face helmet, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and adequate close toe footwear. however, there are extra measures that can be taken in order to maintain safety, such as gloves, body armour, goggles, neck braces and racing shoes.

Events and Track Days

BMX Victoria hosts a range of events catering for beginners all the way to the most advanced riders, this includes gate nights, clubbies and bigger events such as track attack.


BMX Victoria is very strict on rules to ensure that everyone has a safe, yet fun experience. This includes appropriate clothing, protective gear and proper membership.


Phone - (03) 9735 1483

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Due to Covid restrictions and the increased web traffic, our multiple forms of contact are flooded with emails, messages and inquiry. We are doing our best to respond. Should you require information swiftly, the best way is to pick up the phone, we are best equipped for phone enquiries.

Please note, Yarra Valley Cycles is proud to offer the biggest range of products via our in-store retail shop. Our website is not a true reflection of every item in store, this is our catalogue, it changes as the product range does. Please call should you wish to confirm a products availability.


Our Opening hours have been reduced to reflect Covid staffing so that we can offer our best phone Sales staff 6 Days a week.
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